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Hawaii Council of Community Associations



1050 Bishop St. # 336

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

ephone:  866-642-4450

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Hawaii Council presents your concerns to Federal, State and local lawmakers and agencies as an organized voice. When the Council speaks, they listen. There is strength in numbers and by increasing our membership, we increase our “clout”.

Form your own Community Action Committee.

It only takes a few from each of the thousands of community associations to be a coalition that legislators cannot ignore. JOIN US NOW!


Testimony ABC's

  1. Once you know which amendments you want to participate in write down the bill/amendment number
  2. Then you will go to 
  3. Enter your email and password 
  4. Click the Testimony Button: copy what you’ve written and paste in appropriate box. It will automatically let you know your testimony was entered by sending a return email.

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