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The revised list of buildings that will be subject to Bill 69.    All of the buildings that have “N” in the Column “J” (beginning at line 178) will be exempt because they have no interior corridor and all buildings less than 10 stories will also be exempt.   There were 2 buildings that will be moved to the “N” column but haven’t been yet.   However, those buildings will still have to pass LSE.  That leaves about 150 buildings 10 stories or above with interior corridors that will have to retrofit unless they fall within an exception.   HCCA’s position should be that if any of those  150 buildings do not get a passing score on the LSE, that they should be allowed to make correction and upgrade their buildings and/or fire safety systems so that they can pass the LSE so that they do not have to retrofit.       

Jane Sugimura

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This map Jane received at the Tuesday, August 22 hearing.It was distributed by the HFD.  Although the purpose of the map is to document locations of unsprinklered high-rises in Oahu by district (Bill 69)

It is also relevant to Bill 17 about the building envelope inspections because it shows the locations of high-rises by council districts and we know that most of the new construction (i.e. after 1976 occurred in Ala Moana, Kakaako, Hawaii Kai and Kapolei districts.